AMERICAN EXPRESS PRE-ROLL FILMS In partnership with FATKING + 1985artists, we produced 4 online films for American Express under the theme THE ONE AND ONLY.

YOLODUDE You've Got One Life. Win It. Yolodude is a game in which players pay $0.99 for ONE LIFE to live. However, the player who topped the leaderboard by the end of SXSW won $500 (10% of the app's earnings) We're currently presenting the app in front of investors at the Web Summit's Collision Conference in order to turn Yolodude into a platform and bring new characters to their death.

Watch our teaser

RUMORS BAND Music Video, Interactive Experience & Press Photos

RUMORS TWEETALONG A digital sing-a-long where we used random Hashtags from twitter to complete the lyrics to Rumor's single,SLOWDOWN.

WHAT WOULD YEEZUS DO? When Kanye released his album YEEZUS in 2013, we created a site that asked the simple question WHAT WOULD YEEZUS DO? The site replied answers from Kanye's lyrics using a pre-determined keyboard algorithm that we created for 3 days straight on an Excel document. Kanye Illustration by Jamie Tao

MUSES Fashion editorial for Z!NK MAGAZINE

CUPCAKES PROJECT Cupcake | Capcake | Cabcake

THE LAST PUSH "Tokyo by Night," a track by Hook N Sling + AXWEL, has been one of the most anticipated tracks in house music. So in order to create buzz on its release, we gave fans the power to give the track, The Last Push. We launched the site with pixelated cover art and distorted track and allowed fans to share the site in order to make both visual and sound, cleaner and finally release the track, once and for all.

1995 SRD MAP POSTERS Part of a new design & streetwear collection